About the Artist

ChampionshipArt.com - Sports Art by James G. Ferrara

James G. Ferrara: Bridging Artistry and Sports

Embark on a visual journey through the world of sports with James G. Ferrara, a versatile artist whose mastery extends from traditional to digital realms. Specializing in sports illustration, James possesses a unique talent for immortalizing the greatness of athletic figures and the unforgettable moments that define sports history.

James's career trajectory began as a digital art instructor at the prestigious Bergen County Academies, where he imparted his knowledge and passion to aspiring artists. In addition to his teaching endeavors, he founded ChampionshipArt.com, a platform dedicated to Limited Edition Fine Art archival prints that showcase the essence of sports through his creative lens.

With a notable license from NFL Properties, Inc in the early 1990s, James's artistic prowess gained recognition. His work has left an indelible mark, featured in esteemed institutions such as The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame and The Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center. Notably, his art graced the cover of Beckett Football Magazine in September 2019, showcasing the broad appeal of his creations.

James G. Ferrara's portfolio extends beyond accolades, with his art finding a place in the Private Collection of Bart Starr, the legendary quarterback and Super Bowl I & II MVP for the Green Bay Packers. His officially licensed commissions include iconic events like The Super Bowl, NFC/AFC Championship Games, The University of Notre Dame, NCAA Division I Football Championship, Men's and Women's Final Four Basketball Tournaments, NCAA Division I College Baseball World Series, and the NCAA Division I Lacrosse Championship.

Residing and creating in the vibrant Greater New York area, James infuses his work with the energy and dynamism of the sports world. His creations are not mere illustrations; they are windows into the soul of athletics, capturing the heart of the game with every stroke. James G. Ferrara's art is a celebration of sports history, a testament to the enduring legacy of great figures and the timeless moments that define the spirit of competition.